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Digital Signage

Digital Signage is the best way to advertise your message in your facility. Should it be a showroom, a waiting room, a lobby, a restaurant, hotel, or anywhere people gather. Digital signage is a tireless employee with a consistent message about your service or business. I-tech provides the service and LCD equipment with custom built DVDs using a combination of animation, graphics and video. We can help you build an internal video network controlled by ethernet interfaces to maintain your brand equity while keeping your clients informed and entertained. If your business is not in retail or customer services a digital signage operation can share news and information with employees. Your internal video network can reduce most, if not all, of the printed materials used to disseminate news and information. Most companies rely on print posters, flyers and banners to distribute messages, resulting in high printing and distribution costs, as well as time delays in delivering information. Itech Design can also design and fabricate custom Kiosks for your business. Itech Design can also design and fabricate custom Kiosks for your business.

Itech Fact

Itech Design creates custom unique websites, we do not outsource programing. We are local web programers & developers, graphic artists, photographers, videographers, 3d animators, and technical illustrators living in Amarillo. When you work with Itech Design your investment helps build a strong local economy, something to consider when choosing a web design company.